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What exactly is the true Point of an Application, Anyway?

Friday, February 14th, 2020

What exactly is the true Point of an Application, Anyway?

Button, contemplating his application to Pawsylvania College

What is the point of a college application? If you’ve started taking care of your applications this may be considered a question you’ve asked yourself either out of reflection or perhaps frustration. We ask you for the application because we want to get to understand you and get a sense of the method that you may flourish academically and physically at USC. We don’t have enough time to sit back and talk to every applicant one on one therefore we ask you to give us a variety of information to test and gain an awareness of who you are. As you finish your applications, ask yourselves if the content reflects who you are, not simply as being a student but also as a person.

Writing a personal statement is stressful. Up until this point, I’m guessing most high school students have only written academic documents. You’ve been expected to analyze works of fiction, economic trends, historical events, etc. but likely no body has sat you down and asked you to write about yourself. Given the goal is to give admission counselors a sense of yourself, be authentic and genuine in tone and content. Write about items that are vital that you you. That is mostly for sophomores and juniors, as seniors have obviously already perfected and written their essays (right!?).

Another aspect that is important showing your interest and complement each school you are applying to. When (more…)

33 Arrested in India Online Gambling Raid

Friday, February 14th, 2020

33 Arrested in India Online Gambling Raid

Police in Kandivli, India raided six online gambling hubs

Police in Kandivli, Asia raided six video gaming parlors and arrested a complete of 33 people this in a crackdown on online gambling in the region week. The raid ended up being the initial of its kind into the area, as Samta Nagar police raided parlors owned by Planet G Internet activity and Bingo in Kandivli, as well as the Pratik Game Zone in Malad.

Franchise Owners Arrested

All of the raids were conducted on venues that had been franchises of business known as Game King Pvt Ltd, situated in Tardeo. A complete of 12 owners of this franchises were arrested, along side 21 players have been within the parlors at the period of the raids. The owners of Game King, Ramesh Chaurasia and KL Mansukhani, have not yet been arrested in connection utilizing the raids.

Through the raids, police recovered 1.31 lakh ($21,500) in funds. According to reports, the centers in question have been open for at least two years.

‘There are at least 300 more such centers running into the city under the franchise of Game King,’ said Sunil Paraskar, commissioner of police for the North Region. ‘We are seeking the server that is main where these games had been activated. We will simply take Cyber Crime department’s help to locate it.’

Players managed to start accounts at the centers to play online gambling games for the the least 1,000 rupees ($16.50). When the reports had been open, players cou (more…)

5 Most Common Questions for highschool Seniors over the Holidays

Thursday, February 13th, 2020

5 Most Common Questions for highschool Seniors over the Holidays

It’s the many happiest time of the year, right? The holidays are perfect for catching up with friends and until you physically cannot anymore. As being a school that is high you need to also plan the barrage of concerns you will probably face about your future college plans. Do not allow these relevant concerns catch you by surprise. Keep reading to find out of the kinds of questions friends and families love to ask over the vacations.

1. Just How are those university applications coming along? Have you been all done?

Ideally, your response is a yes that are relieved! We constantly recommend that students complete their apps before christmas to ensure that they can actually enjoy their break. But never worry if you are not done at this time. The crucial thing is in before the deadline that you turn them.

2. What colleges are you applying to? Why aren’t you deciding on xyz college?

School pride is a great thing, but don’t ever allow someone stress you into signing up to a college simply because they went here (even Uncle Tim). Colleges are available all sizes and locations, and one size surely does perhaps not fit all. Research your facts, and stick to an inventory that produces feeling for you personally.

3. What exactly are you likely to learn?

The answer that is short that you don’t know yet. Even in the event that you’ve been admitted already the odds are fairly likely you shall alter your mind, may (more…)