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There’s One Post-Sex Problem That Nobody Ever Talks About

Saturday, January 25th, 2020

There’s One Post-Sex Problem That Nobody Ever Talks About

My boyfriend and I also have a? ritual after we’ve intercourse. Appropriate after he completes, he gets up while we start screaming for the towel, urging him toward the restroom wardrobe (or the washing case) to retrieve one which I then? utilize to wipe myself down. If your towel is not handy, We’ll achieve between my feet and gleefully expose the fruits of their work to him. ” what’s it ??” oooooh,” we’ll state, wide-eyed, such as for instance a magician plucking 25 % from a young child’s ear at their party. I believe it really is hilarious. He thinks it is repulsive.

This ritual happens to be taking place for decades, provided that we have been having regular, condom-free sex. If it seems strange, that is just because we therefore seldom discuss what exactly is the most typical dilemmas dealing with intimate lovers:?

After a man comes inside you, how can you get rid of the semen?

The problem that is post-sex seldom discuss: what direction to go after a man comes? It’s a concern which comes up woefully infrequently during perhaps the most candid conversations about intercourse. Do it is shaken by you off, such as for instance a pet taken from the shower or perhaps a Taylor Swift back-up dancer? Or can you remain true and force it to seep down by jiggling around, like a preschooler at Gymboree? Can you wipe it straight straight down? And in case therefore, whom retrieves the towel? Do it is done by you in a residence? Do it is done by you having a mouse?

I discovered myself asking these concerns this after writer Maureen O’Connor published an article in? New York? magazine discussing the politics of where to come week. “a fruitful intimate encounter will require many negotiations,” she composed. “and even though many negotiations are far more fraught than where to come, few happen with such rate and urgency.”