FanDuel Signs Partnerships with 15 NFL Teams

FanDuel Signs Partnerships with 15 NFL Teams

The Packers are one of many NFL teams to sign partnership agreements with FanDuel.

FanDuel and DraftKings appear to be locked into a battle over which daily fantasy sports site can find bigger and better partners for his or her brand name.

This week, it had been FanDuel making waves, while the larger of the 2 major day-to-day fantasy brands scored a partnership with about half of the franchises in the National Football League, ensuring which they’ll have branding in many stadiums for the season that is coming.

The new deal will allow FanDuel to possess signage in stadiums, utilize radio and electronic marketing, and work on promotions with the specific teams.

However, the deal isn’t without conditions, and it’s clear that the NFL is nevertheless being slightly cautious whenever it comes down to allowing the fantasy that is daily industry to be part of their league.

FanDuel is Not Official Sponsor for Teams or League

Beneath the current agreement, NFL team logos nevertheless can not be utilized by FanDuel, either in advertising or on their web site. FanDuel also defintely won’t be considered an ‘official’ sponsor of either the NFL or any individual team.

They are similar to the limitations that are placed on relates to casinos along with other gambling venues whenever they reach advertising agreements with NFL teams.

‘A team sponsor is a company that will use the team logo or state, ‘We are the official (company) associated with the group,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told USA Today Sports. ‘ That is not the situation here. These firms and never team sponsors…teams have actually advertising arrangements from an assortment of companies, but that doesn’t make each one of them team sponsor.’

These partnerships come simply weeks after DraftKings announced a partnership that is enhanced Major League Baseball.

Which has resulted in more marketing integration between MLB franchises and DraftKings: the day-to-day dream website is heavily advertised during the games of many teams, as well as in the MLB Network and

Final November, FanDuel became a partner that is official the NBA, initial such deal involving the web site and a specialist sports league.

Leagues Becoming More Comfortable with Regular Fantasy Sports

The increasing partnerships between professional sports and also the day-to-day dream industry comes as the market of these fantasy games has increased exponentially, and (perhaps more notably) as the leagues have become more convinced that daily fantasy sports won’t cause any legal problems for them.

Like all fantasy sports, the games are, in a strict sense, gambling: players are wagering money on uncertain outcomes. But fantasy sports games are exempted from laws prohibiting on the web gambling, and day-to-day fantasy sports contests fit within that exemption.

A handful of states have rules that demonstrably prohibit such games; major fantasy that is daily typically don’t allow players from five states (Washington, Arizona, Iowa, Montana and Louisiana) to participate.

The teams that have consented to assist FanDuel include, amongst others, the Green Bay Packers, the New York Jets, the Indianapolis Colts, the Detroit Lions and the San Diego Chargers. Based on Craig Benzel, the vice president of sales and business development for the Packers, the NFL’s partnership with FanDuel is consistent with the league’s conservative approach.

‘You’ve seen this in the NFL,’ Benzel said. ‘You’ve seen it with distilled spirits and casinos. The league doesn’t desire to rush into anything.’

Based on Washington Redskins Chief Marketing Officer Mitch Gershman, the deal will help his team reach fans that otherwise might not need tuned in for games.

‘We additionally know that [daily fantasy] players skew a little younger. We are broadening the fan base to have fascination with NFL football,’ Gershman said.

Netherland’s Gambling Reforms Attacked After Unibet Court Ruling

Dutch State Secretary for Justice and protection, Klaas Dijkhoff, has been forced to deny accusations that the court ruling renders planned Dutch online gambling licenses meaningless. (Image:

The Netherland’s sweeping new gambling that is online have come under fire due to a court situation which ruled that unlicensed operators have no duty to refund players’ losings.

Last month a judge in Amsterdam rejected an attempt by way of a Dutch online gambler to recoup the €178,000 ($191,000) he’d lost playing at

The plaintiff had argued that, because online gambling was not yet legal in the Netherlands, the cash had been taken illegally and really should be returned.

Holland’s brand new State Secretary for Justice and protection, Klaas Dijkhoff, was forced to deny that the ruling undermined the latest legislative work to liberalize, license and regulate online gambling in the united kingdom.

PvdA Party person in Parliament and online gambling opponent Mei Li Vos questioned the value of the brand new Dutch licenses in the light of the ruling, which she said would lead operators to believe they can target players that are dutch impunity with or without having a license.

Criminal Prohibitions Nevertheless Apply

Dijkhoff countered that the ruling merely linked to the legal relationship between the operator and consumer and there was nothing in Dutch law void that contract.

The court had acknowledged any such disputes that are legal be handled by the ‘place of the contract,’ as outlined in Unibet’s conditions and terms, which in this case would be Malta.

The ruling didn’t, however, permit unlicensed operators to target consumers without limitation, stated Dijkhoff. ‘The unlawful and administrative prohibitions in the Act on Games of Chance nevertheless apply,’ he said.

‘Since the Act will not offer authorization that is explicit organizing remote gambling, offering such games happens to be banned in the Netherlands.’

‘For infringements, the [regulator] Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) can take enforcement action,’ he continued. ‘ From the interest reported by the KSA I gather that many providers will decide on a permit. It is expected that players into the Netherlands will select an appealing, reliable and offering that is legal the KSA’s supervision once the regulatory regime comes into force.’

50-year-old Gambling Laws

Because well as regulating online gaming, the overhaul of Holland’s 50-year-old gambling laws and regulations would open the land-based casino market to foreign businesses.

You can find presently no legal internet gaming sites in the united states and also the government holds an entire monopoly on gambling. The country’s only casino string, Holland Casino, is wholly-owned by the state and surrenders all earnings to the Treasury.

Holland Casino would be privatized under the regime that is new.

The bill has been slow-moving, but is anticipated to be rubber-stamped soon and should come into force in 2016.

Professionals predict that a regulated environment that is online bring in €200 million in gross gaming income in its very first year.

Profits and Revenues Both Down for Las Vegas Sands

The Venetian is the flagship Sands casino in Macau. (Image: Dan Chung/The Guardian)

The Las Vegas Sands Corp. has been a thorn that is major the sides of those who wish to see online gambling regulated in the United States.

So that it will come as some consolation to supporters of Internet gaming that the business seems to now be struggling right, even if that has little to do with their position on that problem.

The Sands announced on Wednesday that its first quarter profits for 2015 were down nearly 25 percent compared to per year earlier, coming in at $3.01 billion compared to $4.01 billion a year earlier.

Net income had been down event more substantially: final year the very first quarter generated $776 million in profits, down 34 percent to $511.9 million this season.

These numbers came up just a bit short of what analysts had been anticipating, with all the consensus prediction being around $3.2 billion in revenues for the quarter.

Macau Struggles Result in Disappointing Revenues

The top driver for the downturn was Macau, where revenues have actually dropped substantially for all operators over the year that is last.

The combination of a crackdown on corruption that has slice the movement of cash from mainland China, along with labor unrest and smoking bans, have cut into the significantly profits of all casinos in the territory.

‘The running environment in Macau, particularly in the high-end gaming segments, remained challenging during the quarter,’ said Sands Chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson. ‘I know you’re all waiting for me to anticipate if we’ve reach the bottom in Macau. It’s very difficult to make predictions, specially about the future.’

According to Adelson, there is no sense of panic due to the drop: he says the ongoing company will still be ‘staying the course’ in the years ahead. That likely means looking into new development opportunities, such as opportunities in markets like Japan and South Korea.

Adelson additionally said that outside of Macau, the company’s results had been solid: after all, the Sands nevertheless produced profit that is solid the quarter, and surely could get back dividends to their shareholders, even if they were down from last year.

The problem in Macau has deteriorated for casino operators since final summer, when the Chinese government announced a crackdown on money laundering and corrupt officials who have been either money that is directly spending Macau or were looking the other method as junket operators helped VIP consumers have money off of this mainland for use in the casinos.

VIP Business Down, But Sands Looking Toward Future

Those measures severely cut into the VIP business that powered the tremendous growth in Macau on the previous decade. The casinos have tried to regulate, attracting more market that is mass and building family-friendly destinations to diversify their offerings.

But it is hard to say how well these measures are working until later this when 2015 revenues can be compared to those of last year after the crackdown had begun year.

According for some reports, Las Vegas Sands can be among the businesses best positioned in order to make these modifications. The company has already been working to rebrand their casinos in Macau as Las Vegas-style resorts, complete with retail shopping as well as other amenities.

Former soccer legend David Beckham has also signed on to end up being the face for the Venetian Macau’s marketing campaign, another move that will help supply the casino wider appeal to the public.

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