Florida Agrees $3.1 Billion Contract with Seminoles

Florida Agrees $3.1 Billion Contract with Seminoles

Florida governor Rick Scott hails the biggest tribal rev-sharing in history as dispute with Seminoles is put to bed.

The Seminole Tribe’s political standoff with Florida governor Rick Scott was finally resolved this following a deal which will see the Seminoles pay $3.1 billion to the state over seven years in return for the right to offer craps and roulette week.

It is believed to be the biggest tribal rev-share agreement in the usa, dwarfing the cut received by the state underneath the terms of the agreement that is previous.

Florida inked a deal aided by the Seminoles in 2010 which offered the tribe exclusivity on blackjack in the state inturn for $1 billion, spread over five years.

The deal also prevented the expansion of slots gambling beyond that which already existed at a few of pari-mutuel racetracks, offering the Seminoles a stranglehold on the slots market.

This contract expired on August 1 in 2010, and the two parties have been negotiating ever since.

No Expansion for 20 Years

The Seminoles, who own seven properties within the Sunshine State, will be prohibited from expanding their operations for an interval of two decades. Even though gaining the right to offer craps and roulette, the operator that is tribal relinquish its monopoly on blackjack and slots.

This allows the expansion of blackjack into the Miami-Dade and Broward racinos and up to 750 slots at other venues such since the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

‘The lightweight itself is a good deal for the state of Florida which is my hope that you’ll consider giving it a vote in the Florida Senate and the Florida House during the normal 2016 session or at the time you imagine is best suited,’ wrote Scott in a letter to House Speaker Steve Crisafulli and Senate President Andy Gardiner.

‘ Having a $3 billion guarantee and also a cap on the tribe’s gaming, it really is my hope that this lightweight can function as the foundation of a stable and gaming that is predictable for hawaii of Florida.’

‘Good Deal for the Taxpayer’

However, the deal still needs legislative approval, and there may be dissenting voices among lawmakers.

‘In its current form, this agreement would significantly expand gambling both on and off tribal property so we cannot help it,’ said John Sowinski, president of the No Casinos anti-gambling expansion group, who said he will be asking lawmakers to reject the lightweight.

State Sen. Rob Bradley, president for the Regulated Industries committee that oversees gambling, meanwhile, said that he felt this was ‘a good deal for the taxpayer’ and one that would ‘provide money for healthcare, transportation, training and other core services. while he had been no fan of gambling expansion’

University Football Playoff Semifinals Open in Las Vegas, Alabama and Oklahoma Favored

The College Football Playoff is set, four teams vying to achieve Phoenix and the National Championship title game on January 11. (Image: espn.com)

The College Football Playoff (CFP) selection committee has paired number 1 Clemson (13-0) against no. 4 Oklahoma (11-1) and #2 Alabama (12-1) against #3 Michigan State (12-1) to decide who will compete for the National Championship on 11 january.

Both games that are semifinal be played on New Year’s Eve.

Your decision was instead easy for those in charge of picking the final four teams.

College soccer has five ‘power conferences,’ but each united team into the Pac-12 had at least two losses, meaning the remaining four conference champions got the nod for the CFP.

Selecting Clemson from the ACC, Alabama from the SEC, the Big Ten’s Michigan State, and Big 12’s Oklahoma was instead predictable.

That which wasn’t predictable is how Las Vegas responded.

number 1 Clemson Underdog

The Clemson Tigers have been the college that is top-ranked program into the country since beating then #16 Florida State in very early November.

They had previously beaten a top ten Notre Dame group, and ended the regular season on Saturday with a 45-37 win over #10 North Carolina to claim the ACC name.

Clemson went the table to perfection, but Vegas ‘s stilln’t convinced.

Oklahoma started as being a favorite that is 2.5-point the Tigers despite being the low ranked team. That’s because many football analysts don’t believe they’re lower ranked in talent.

In fact, the Sooners are certainly one of, if not the hottest teams in NCAA football. Their final three games consisted of beating #6 Baylor, #18 TCU, and #11 Oklahoma Sate.

By all projections, the Tigers and Sooners clash will be neck and neck, the eventual winner most likely resting on the arms and legs of quarterbacks Deshaun Watson of Clemson and Baker Mayfield of Oklahoma, two leading Heisman candidates.

Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney celebrated his team’s seeding by throwing a massive pizza party for 30,000 fans on Sunday at Memorial Stadium. ‘ I don’t know what occurred at the other three schools, but we question it ended up being such as this,’ Swinney said.

Alabama Being Alabama

The only group returning to the CFP is the Alabama Crimson Tide. Nick Saban is chasing his fourth National Championship with Alabama since taking over in 2007.

It’s never ever wise to bet against a squad that is saban-led that will be why early money is heavily put in favor of Alabama over Michigan State.

Exactly like last year, Alabama has opened as a nine-point favorite. Saban is hoping that unlike last 12 months, the Tide rolls instead of loses as it did to Ohio State in 2014.

Michigan State Coach Mark Dantonio and Saban have more in common than just coaching against the other person on December 31.

Saban really hired Dantonio when he was the relative head coach of Michigan State in 1995.

‘we wouldn’t be in this place as a mind coach had I not been afforded the opportunity to come calmly to Michigan State by Nick,’ Dantonio said on the weekend. ‘He’s a mentor.’

It doesn’t mean Dantonio does not wish to crush his former boss, but the task are difficult.

Michigan State’s star quarterback Connor Cook is still fighting an injured throwing shoulder, and MSU can be only within the position it is thanks up to a fluke last-second play against Michigan in October.

Greyhound Trainer Cheat Imprisoned in Landmark UK Trial

Chris Mosdell, the greyhound trainer who admitted to race-fixing and drugging his dogs on camera. (Image: bbc.co.uk)

A greyhound trainer in great britain has been handed a prison sentence after he admitted on camera that he drugged his dogs to be able to fix races.

Chris Mosdall, a trainer at the Wimbledon Stadium dog track in South West London was filmed by undercover reporters for the BBC’s Panorama current affairs program boasting that he’d been getting away using the scam for a decade, during which time he had pocketed £150,000 in winnings from rigged bets.

Mosdall told the Panorama research that he drugged dogs in the antihistamine cyclyzine to his care, despite being conscious of the prospective health hazards.

He explained that he would wait a couple of weeks before doping a dog for a 2nd time so as not to ‘burn her kidneys out.’

The actual situation has prompted animal liberties teams to call for stricter governmental controls over the greyhound racing industry, which is basically self-regulated.

‘Biggest Crook in Wimbledon’

‘on the pretext of buying a dog from him and were fitted with concealed cameras if you get caught you’re out the door, but you take your chance,’ Mosdall told the undercover reporters, who had approached him. He later bragged about being the ‘biggest crook in Wimbledon.’

The Panorama tapes formed the bulk of the evidence used to convict Mosdall, but subsequent doping tests came up positive on two of eight dogs tested by authorities.

The trial was significant because it is the that a case had been brought by the UK Gambling Commission against someone suspected of cheating the wagering markets. It’s believed its success will pave the real way for further prosecutions.

Strikes at the Heart of Gambling

‘This case shows that under the 2005 Gambling Act, cheating is treated as a severe offense which can attract a custodial phrase and punishment beyond any sanction applied by the Independent Disciplinary Committee of the GBGB,’ a Greyhound Board of Great Britain spokesman told the Racing Post.

Judge Peter Lodder QC sentenced Mosdall to four and a half months imprisonment.

‘You knew all too well that [fixing races] strikes at the heart that is very of,’ said Lodder. ‘Ordinary gamblers have entitlement to assume they will have a fair chance and to assume that gambling areas are available and board that is above. Your behavior corrupts the procedure and significantly damages that trust.’

By doping, or ‘stopping,’ his or her own dogs, Mosdall managed to get them priced at longer odds by bookmakers for future races, them when they were drug-free so he could back.

He could even have them regraded in order that they would simply be eligible for lesser events, greatly increasing their chances of winning.

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