Amaya Set to Expand Array of DC Comics-Inspired Casino Games

WSOP Ladies Event Now Officially Ready To Accept Men: For a cost

The battle happens to be ongoing in the poker world for years: should ladies be privy to special tournaments only for them in order to encourage more to play the game, or does that philosophy reek of affirmative action, and both condescension and accommodation in an way that is unfair? a decision that is recent the World Series of Poker (WSOP) administration about the matter has drawn both applause and fire from poker players everywhere: because of this 12 months’s upcoming women occasion, they’ll charge a $10,000 buy-in, but offer any women who perform a $9,000 discount, bringing the specific buy-in down seriously to its normal $1,000 amount. Any men who want to barge in will have to take action utilizing the full $10,000 bankroll during the cashier’s window, however.

Why the Discount Construction?

The move comes after several years of handfuls of men playing the Ladies event, and WSOP’s hands being associated with keep them out, as that could be considered discriminatory under Nevada gaming law. Not illegal, it appears, is offering promotional discounts for certain events but, and that loophole is exactly what WSOP has brought advantage of using their women’ ‘discount’ for 2013. And while players may argue about the general merits of keeping a poker that is all-female alive, WSOP management is unequivocal in their intention to keep it an all ladies’ competition, or at least allow it to be extremely expensive for men to play if they should opt to.

‘the Ladies is loved by us occasion,’ said Seth Palansky, WSOP spokesman, via an email that accompanied the series 2013 summer schedule. ‘It has history with us dating back to 1977. We wish to do everything we can to bring more women into the overall game and give them a comfortable environment in which to try out. As we follow all regulations, the alteration this present year allows us to complete our goals [ of keeping the event entirely for women] while remaining law-abiding.’

Players Respond via Social Media

The social media response from big-name poker players had been overwhelmingly supportive of the crafty move, with kudos coming on Twitter from poker movie stars such as for example Daniel Negreanu, Dan Fleyshman, and Jennifer Shahade. Commentary from ‘average guy’ players on various online poker chat sites had been a bit more blended. Responses there ranged from ‘Might be legal, however it definitely appears discriminatory…It’s a blatant attempt to keep men out’ to the more humorous outlook of ‘$9K more might not be bad I suggest it’s like speed dating with eight women at every table. if perhaps you were single;’

Last Year’s Men Showed More Flash Versus Money

This past year’s event brought in nine men, two dressed in full drag to try out the event. Only one, Brandon Uhl, cashed, coming in 69th for a $2,359 money.

This year’s WSOP Ladies event is scheduled for June 28th in vegas. Like most of the WSOP $1K buy-in events, it shall run for three days.

Amaya Set to Expand Array of DC Comics-Inspired Casino Games

Amaya Gaming Group Incorporated, the Canadian gaming industry entertainment solutions provider, has expanded the contract between itself and Warner Bros Consumer Products to take operating as the exclusive provider of DC Comics’ comic book influenced online casino games.

‘Amaya is proud to expand its partnership that is long-term with Bros Consumer Products and excited to continue featuring DC Comics comic book-based characters in our pay-to-play games,’ stated Product Strategy Director for Amaya Gaming Group, Alain Brosseau.

It had been revealed by Amaya Gaming Group Incorporated that the deal retains the complete rights for the firm to circulate pay-to-play online casino games which feature such household character names as Batman, Superman, the Flash, Wonder girl and Green Lantern, to licensed and regulated markets world wide.

‘The DC Comics franchise is just a leading brand globally and we look forward to continuing and further developing Warner Bros Consumer Products to our relationship,’ added Brosseau.

The extension towards the deal will permit Amaya to produce and distribute casino that is online which will feature a new range of comic book character adaptations, such as the Justice League, Lex Luthor, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy as well as the Joker and characters from the present box office-smashing Batman sequel, Bane and Catwoman.

Brosseau announced that the Montreal-based firm is also very happy to confirm that new 3D games will be developed for distribution over both desktop computers and mobile devices for those DC Comics enthusiasts around the world to enjoy their favourite characters whilst playing their preferred casino games.

‘We are excited that the DC Comics comic book design will continue to engage in our pay-to-play online product development plan,’ reported the Product Strategy Director.

‘ Our branded games have been shown to be remarkably popular with internet gaming operators and their players. They attract an extensive demographic of consumers and are especially well-suited to interact individuals with previously only a modest interest in on-line casino gaming,’ said Brosseau, adding that the wonderful graphics, animation and sound of these themed casino games improves the player’s enjoyment associated with experience that is whole.

Delaware to look for Shared On Line Gambling Player Pools

With Delaware along the way of launching their online gambling endeavor, and maybe being the state that is first the U.S to complete so, attention within the state happens to be turning for some associated with the finer details of the program, specifically in regards to poker and also the likely requirement for provided player pools.

While most forms of online video gaming do not require anyone beyond the gamer themselves (and maybe a digital card dealer or host/hostess), on line poker requires other players. And in a state with less than one million residents, those other players may not always be readily available, especially during off-peak hours, and at less common limits.

‘You need enough people playing online at one time that the player can carry on and find a game that fits his price and his level of skill, whether it’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon or 4 o’clock in the morning,’ casino industry analyst Frank Fantini told USA Today.

With Nevada additionally in the middle of launching their internet poker venture, they are an ally that is likely Delaware to partner with and share players. A success with options otherwise rather limited, the state may have to look as far as Europe to ensure their players are insulated well enough to make online poker in the state.

‘I think they (Nevada) would make a partner that is good’ said Delaware’s Lottery Director Vernon Kirk. ‘We’ll see just what nj-new Jersey does, and there’s even been discussion that wouldn’t necessarily exclude Europe.’

New Jersey enters the conversation after N.J Governor Chris Christie conditionally vetoed a bill week that is last allows on line gambling in their state, and will likely be accepted by state legislators and returned to the Governor to be signed into law. New Jersey nonetheless sometimes appears being a less partner that is willing share their player base with Delaware, and may in fact would rather take on them.

‘New Jersey will not cooperate with Delaware—100% unlikely,’ said Fantini. ‘The reason for their legislation would be to defend their existing casinos.’

Delaware currently has plans to launch their online video gaming solution, including poker, no later than September 30, and it has recently solicited proposal requests from gaming operators and vendors, with contracts to be awarded by May.

‘ All proposed components of the Solution must be delivered, installed, implemented, acceptance ready and tested become operational by the agreed-upon schedule,’ the Delaware proposal request stated.

Proposals will only be accepted from companies with at the least twelve months of expertise real-money that is operating games.

So far as on-line poker in Delaware goes, you can find many question marks staying apart from vendors and suppliers, ones that will need more concrete answers in destination before the September 30 launch; answers that may only be found in Europe.

PokerStars First Offline Poker Room Opens in Madrid

Initial of just what promises to be many PokerStars-branded offline poker rooms opened its doorways this thirty days at the Casino Gran Madrid in Madrid, Spain. The space showcases the new PokerStars Live brand name, and initially launched to a select band of journalists, footballers, and superstars, who competed in a tournament and took in the impressive décor for the 200 chair poker space.

Daily tournaments and cash games are what the brand new poker room is all about, and unsurprisingly, there will be plenty of cross-promotion between PokerStars’ online and offline operation, including online satellites towards the live events.

Beyond just more poker action, the venture aimed to generate an unrivalled setup that catered to the current poker player.

‘Our ambition is to produce an amazing atmosphere to play poker,’ stated Paula Arriaga, Deputy General Director at Casino Gran Madrid, upon the statement associated with the deal in December.

Early accounts are that they have succeeded mightily at doing just that. Tables and seats are padded and stylish, and spaced at simply the proper intervals so players don’t feel hemmed in, but in addition don’t feel like they truly are on an island. Lighting around the room is ambient, while being bright sufficient during the tables that all the action can demonstrably be observed. And a few TV that is large are set up to keep the attention of those players who’ve folded pre-flop plus don’t feel like fixating on every one of the action during the table. It is undoubtedly a cushty and room that is attractive see and play poker in.

The room is presently offering nightly No-Limit games, aswell as weekly and monthly tournaments and activities, including sit’n’go’s every Thursday, and weekend that is several including the Madrid Saturday Eliminator, while the Madrid Sunday Battle, a no-limit hold’em with numerous re-buys.

The PokerStars-branded offline poker room into the Gran Casino Madrid promises to be but the to begin many such forays into the casino globe. London, England is planned to obtain the following one in early March, at the Hippodrome, the largest casino in the U.K. PokerStars is also within the process of purchasing the Atlantic Club Casino in Atlantic City, their first major solo offline venture.

Coverage of PokerStars action that is live occasions taking place at Casino Gran Madrid, including news, pictures, player profiles, and chip counts, is seen at Tournaments and cash game information also can be found there, in addition to news protection from the room and casino.

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